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I sold my car to this company and I was positively surprised just how smooth and easy the process was. From the time I called them to the time I had a guaranteed offer from them took less than 20 minutes. They had someone pick the car up and I got a check in hand.

Speaking with the representatives on the phone was a pleasure and they went out of their way to make my experience as easy and pleasant as possible.
I highly recommend considering them if you’re looking to sell a used car quick and for a fair price. They won’t low ball you.

‌- John

My first car, 1998 Nissan Maxima, had been put out to pasture and was sitting in my garage taking up space for the past 6 months. I called up Car Buyer for Cash CT and they came quickly to pick up my car with check in hand. This was one of the smoothest and easiest transactions I have ever had! I would 100% recommend them!!
- Javier

Got both of my cars at once, and I will say I was a bit hesitant on the whole getting a check instead of cash, but I read the reviews and just hoped they were true reviews. I am here to say the check cleared the next day 100%, gave them my Acura TL and my Hyundai Santa Fe. This company is absolutely legit, you get receipts as well for taxes. The towing company they also work with were awesome - on time and communicative. Thank you guys very much.
‌- Justin

Very easy, quick and fair company... they matched offers I previously had and went above and beyond to make me happy with the whole process from start to finish. Sold Car Buyers For Cash 2 vehicles in 1 week both times I was more then satisfied Definitely recommend to anyone with a vehicle that wants to turn said vehicle into cash instead of sitting around collecting dust!!

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